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Since 2003, Mwezo Kudumu of Kujiweza Healing Arts has been remarkably successful at helping hundreds of people, between the ages of 40 – 100 cope with motor and non-motor dysfunctions caused by Parkinson’s.

People are told by their health care provider that they have this incurable progressive disease… Our Parkinson’s Online Fitness exercise program offer members a way to keep from getting worse. The Parkinson’s Online Fitness program empowers People Living with Parkinson’s (PLWP) with tools to help improve their health and slow the progression of the disease. One woman described Parkinson’s as being trapped in her body because of the debilitation caused by her stooped, rigid posture, her tremor and slowness of movement. After a few months of regular training with our program she had reduced her tremor, improved flexibility, strength, balance, timing and small motor skills.

We fit exercise to treat the problem. We have organized 100’s of exercises into highly effective routines and tailored them to meet the needs of PLWP. Most of the exercise can be performed seated or standing. We encourage people to work at their own pace. We are reaching out to as many Parkinson’s patients as possible to give them the tools that they need to improve their health and their ability to cope with this disease, in the convenience of their own home.


Join our class and let us help you focus on stabilizing your health and maintaining your independence. Your Life can become better, your symptoms more manageable and you can gain back balance, coordination, dexterity, strength, flexibility, endurance and can live a high quality, happy life.

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With over 18 years of experience working with people with Parkinson’s, we take your functional fitness and mobility challenges very seriously. We understand the suffering caused by Parkinson’s, the tremor, freezing, stiffness, slowness of movement, stooped posture and other stability and mobility issues. Our goal is to help you improve your health and slow the progression of the disease. We have taken a wide variety of exercises, and systematized and tailored them to fit the specific needs of people living with Parkinson’s.


  • Mobility
  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Hand Dexterity
  • Balance
  • Small Motor Skills
  • Posture
  • Convenient
  • Function Better
  • Feel and Look Better
  • Make New Friends
  • Have Fun!

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Parkinson’s ExerciseMonday 10:00 am-11:00 amZOOM
PEP ExerciseTuesday 10:00 am-11:00 amZOOM
Walking for BalanceTuesday 11:30 am-12:00 pmZOOM
Stanford Supportive CareTuesday 2:30 pm-3:30 pmZOOM Private
Parkinson’s ExerciseWednesday 10:00-11:00 amZOOM
Walking for BalanceThursday 10:00 am-11:00 amZOOM
Stanford Supportive CareThursday 12:00 pm-1:00 pm ZOOM Private
Tai Chi/Qi GongSaturday 10:00 am-11:30 amZOOM

*PST(Pacific Standard Time)


Online Walking for Health & Balance (WFHB)

Walking is one of the best and most popular exercise activities available to help older adults stay physically, mentally and functionally fit. This class helps restore confidence and develops the renewed standing and walking skills needed to move about safely. The class offers breathing, stretching, balance, aerobic, strength and cognitive training all set to music to help improve coordination and timing. Chair Fitness is offered simultaneously, so don’t let your health conditions, cane or walker stop you! Talk with your doctor, grab your sneakers and join the class! Whether you are on a walker, in a wheelchair, need pre- or post-surgery re-habilitation or just want to get some serious exercise and have some fun, this class is for you!

Online Tai Chi/Qigong for Health & Balance

Tai Chi/Qi gong for Health & Balance An ancient art healing exercise that combines slow deliberate movements, meditation and breathing exercises to help improve circulation, energy and body alignment. It is the perfect exercise practice to help older adults improve their health, functional muscle control and their quality of life regardless of age or physical condition. This class is extremely helpful to people with Parkinson’s, cancer, circulatory, respiratory, immune system, digestive, asthma, arthritis, mental, emotional and other health challenges. In addition, Tai Chi is performed as a therapeutic exercise to promote healing and spiritual development and to improve balance control, sensory and cognitive awareness and to reduce the risk of falling.

Online Parkinson’s Exercise

The important reasons for People Living with Parkinson’s (PLWP) to exercise is to stay healthy, manage systems, slow the progression of the disease, keep from falling and be able to maintain their independence. Our Parkinson’s Exercise Program is a regimented physical and functional fitness exercise program designed to improve daily living skills and to help cope with symptomatic challenges like tremor, balance, gait, flexibility, strength, hand grip strength, posture, endurance, walk speed, agility, timing and coordination. Research shows that by exercising 2.5 hours a week PLWP (People Living with Parkinson’s) can improve cognitive functions, mental mood and memory, reduce the risk of falling and promote a sense of well-being throughout all stages of the disease. Many motivational tools are used to keep PLWP striving to maintain a quality life.

Online Tai Chi/Qigong for Cancer

Tai Chi/Qigong is one of most effective ways of exercising to help People Living with Cancer (PLWC) get well and stay well. This gentle ancient art healing exercise system is extremely beneficial for PLWC and can help manage the side effects associated with treatments by balancing the flow of energy through their bodies. Tai Chi/Qigong practice can help relieve fatigue, pain conditions, stress, muscle weakness and dysfunction and can improve mood, mental clarity, fitness and quality of sleep. Tai chi/Qigong is beneficial through all phases of the disease before, during and after treatment and can reduce the risk of reoccurrence and the development of other chronic health problems. PLWC are encouraged to exercise 2.5 hours per week to improve functional fitness and the quality and quantity of life of both cancer patients and survivors.

Online Restorative Chair Yoga

Restorative Chair Yoga teaches both standing and seated postures that are suitable for all fitness levels. It reduces stiffness, tightness, aches and pains and provides tools for handling memory and emotional challenges like stress, depression, anxiety and other physiological disturbances. This is one of the best tools that you can use to counter the negative impact of aging. This yoga class has proven with regular practice one can enhance balance, strength, flexibility, improve health and help avoid falling. Moreover, it improves your mood, attitude and self-image to help you feel good about yourself.


With our years of experience and success with hundreds of Parkinson’s exercise class friends, we are capable of providing you with the best type of exercise to fit your body’s needs. We provide you with the tools and will work to inspire and motivate you to take control and do all that you can to create a quality, happy life.


Medical science tells us the nature of the disease, but you do not have to wait and get worse.

We understand that adapting to a new fitness program when you have chronic health problems can be challenging. To be better prepared to cope with symptoms and slow the progression of Parkinson’s, you have to start looking at the prospect of exercising for the rest of your life. Our objective is share insight concerning the importance of incorporating functional fitness exercise a part of your lifestyle. The success we have seen with hundreds of people and their testimonies has convinced us to know that with a firm commitment and regular practice of our exercise techniques, you can improve your health and slow the progression of the disease.

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Mwezo Kudumu and Jane Kerr, of Kujiweza Healing Arts Institute, have over 18 years experience teaching Tai Chi, Functional Fitness and Balance exercise to people with Parkinson’s. They currently offer Online training programs for Stanford Supportive Care, Palo Alto, California, Parkinson’s Association of Orange County, California, Long-term Care Facilities and individuals around the United States. Pre-registration is required.
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